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Portfolio Management for Long-Term Impact

A solid investment portfolio is the cornerstone of a great wealth management plan. Get help managing and prioritizing your investments in line with strategic objectives, all while controlling risk at every step.


What You Can Expect From Us

As independent advisors, we’re not limited in investment options and have no obligation to recommend products or services offered by a service provider. We don’t receive commissions and are held to the


standard, which requires us to always act in your best interest.

Our Philosophy

We believe in investing for the long-term, and that optimal long-term results are derived through process and discipline. Our process focuses on a disciplined approach to risk management, tax efficiency, and reducing unnecessary costs.

We take into account your preferences for tax considerations, trading frequency, manager selection, and thematic investing (e.g., sector funds).

Market Focus

We know that markets are efficient but not perfect. That’s why we focus on:

  • Strategic allocation tied to personal goals, time horizon, and your personal risk profile
  • Tactical rebalancing to take advantage of market displacements and tax optimization opportunities
Time in the Market

We’re firm believers in the old adage that it’s more important to spend time in the market than trying to time it.

Asset Allocation

We believe asset allocation and the balancing of risk is more important than attempting to find the best individual investment vehicle.

Tax Optimization

We focus on after-tax returns because it’s not just what you make but what you take home that’s most important to you.

Cost Efficiency

We build a globally-diverse portfolio for you, often utilizing low-cost investments such as ETFs and institutional mutual funds.

Our Action Plan for You

Step 1: Goals and Time Horizon

We listen to understand your what, when, and why.  We ask, then listen to what you desire to achieve with your assets, when you will most likely need to use various resources, and why it’s important to you.  We can then help prioritize, clarify, and develop a strategy for an efficient path forward.

Step 2: Risk Profile (Tolerance and Capacity)

Risk tolerance is an important discussion because properly aligning your personal comfort zone

for taking on risk with the level of investment risk inside your portfolio can give you the added confidence to stay invested during times of uncertainty and market volatility.

Factors unique to you, such as your age, cash flow needs, emergency funds, amount of assets, etc., help determine the amount of time and resources available to you to put toward your future goals and, in turn, the capacity your financial circumstances will allow for taking on investment risk.

Step 3: Holdings Analysis

We use analytical tools to assess your current portfolio’s level of risk, fees, diversification, tax efficiency, and future outlook.

Step 4: Portfolio Construction

Our aim is to maximize the probability of your success, so we construct portfolios to align with your goals and preferences. We can tailor our portfolio management process to your unique financial circumstances, tax considerations, and existing holdings.

Step 5: Regular Review

We tactically adjust your portfolio as appropriate to account for near-term economic events and opportunities. Your portfolio will be strategically rebalanced as needed to maintain alignment with your risk preferences or when you experience certain life events that may merit strategy adjustments. We’ll also continuously monitor for opportunities to utilize tax optimization techniques.

About Shared Vision Wealth Group

At Shared Vision Wealth Group, our objectives are aligned with yours, and we always act in your best interest. Trust is the foundation of an impactful, long-lasting relationship between you and your financial advisor, and we value your faith in us as your wealth management firm of choice.

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